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Lost Tooth

O.K. so I've got to play "catch-up" here. Madison lost her 2nd tooth. This was actually on 2-10-09. She was so excited. This meant that the Tooth Fairy got to use her new door. Both times her tooth just fell out early in the morning. She hasn't had to pull either of them (which my kids have never done) I can't encourage them, as I have this weird thing about loose teeth. YUK! I even have nightmares about my teeth falling out, shattering, growing in sideways etc. etc. I know, weird huh. I do this quiet often and have no idea why.

Lost tooth

Change of topic...
We will be heading for Walt Disney World in 76 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I'm slightly excited about this trip. Maybe even more so than the kids. This will be our first trip. We haven't had many vacations. Really the only 2 we've had was to Fl. to visit my dad, which are considered vacations, but ONLY 2 in 13 years!!!!! Yikes, yes we are in desperate need of one. Well, it doesn't take much to get my creative juices a flowin' Just like I do for the kids birthday parties, I have created all sorts of things for our trip. I'm working on Epcot passports, Activity books, Iron-on designs for T-shirts. You name it, I'm probably working on that too. Not to mention that little Mae Mae is about to turn 2, and she will be having a Minnie Mouse party :) I have to make her a birthday outfit, make her cake, make treats for the kids, and anything else I can come up with. I so love doing this sort of thing. Here is one of my designs I've done for a T-shirt.
I heart Mickey

You can see more of them in my Photobucket account. Click on the albums on the left hand side of the page in photobucket to see all the stuff I've created. If you like them feel free to copy them and use them for YOURSELF, or make and GIVE to a friend.

Well it's way past time for me to get some sleep. I'm baby sitting my little nephew in the morning. He'll be here at 7 am.


Vinyl Rocks My World  – (March 3, 2009 at 9:25 AM)  

What a great shot of that tooth!
And how could you NOT be excited about Disney?! :)

Hayley  – (March 4, 2009 at 7:25 PM)  

Awdrey, I love the Disney heart!

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