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Tattooed Baby

Just a reminder that no matter how much you think the older siblings are growing up and maturing they are still kids and will do some outrageous things from time to time. Here's the story, I set little Mae Mae up at the kitchen table in her booster seat, gave her paper and some washable non-toxic toddler markers. I asked my 7 yr. old if she would sit beside her and draw with her. Knowing that my 13 year old and 9 year old (which the 9 yr. old is very motherly) were just in the next room. I proceeded to quickly clean the bathroom. I expected little bit to do some drawing on herself. What I didn't expect was that my 7 year old decided to do a little drawing too. Not on herself mind you, but on little bit. My 9 year old comes down the hall and says do you know that Macey is drawing on herself? I said well I figured she would do some of that. She then said, did you know that Madison has been drawing on Macey too? What! She said, yea, you should come look at her. Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to find. It actually was a bit funny, yet shocking. Notice the "eye shadow" that my 7 yr. old applied. Thank goodness for the toddler markers from Crayola. They wash off almost immediately as soon as you place your child in the tub. Not much scrubbing is needed.


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