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Pixie Party

It's hard to believe that Macey is now 4 years old.  She wanted to have a Tinkerbell party.  :D 

I was pretty happy with how the invites turned out.  I used a Tinkerbell sticker, but really wanted some dimension to her wings.  So I removed the wings off of some Dragon Fly scrapbooking stickers and applied it to the Tinkerbell sticker.  

I opted to not make her cake this year.  It took off so much of the pressure, and I think the lady did a fantastic job on it. 

I had this little lantern and got the bright idea to add a flamless candle and sticker a little Tinkerbell in there.  I thought it made for a cute center piece. 

I had fun decorating the gift bags with flowers and glitter glue. 

Macey woke up that morning to a brand new kitchen :) 

I couldn't resist the urge to enhance her costume a bit.  I add more tulle to the skirt and add the two pink flowers you see in the picture.  

I love the time and effort my friend put into the gift wrapping. 

Lot's of cool stuff. 

I made these pom poms from tissue paper, and hung them from the ceiling.  

She had a wonderful birthday!

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