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I am attempting the 365 know where you take a photo every day for one year.  Even though I love to take photos, it's gonna be a challenge.  A BIG challenge.  It's even a bigger challenge to keep up with my blog.  I've been posting my photos on facebook, but I've decided that I would try to post here on my blog as well so the non-facebookers can see them too.  It just seems so much easier to upload them to facebook.  Hmmm, I'm actually gonna have to back track in order to start from the beginning, but that is o.k. since I haven't made a blog post since Christmas.  

Here is my first 365.  I didn't decide to do the 365 project until Jan. 2.  Had I decided on the first of Jan, I would have taken a different picture.  I'm just glad that I had indeed taken a picture on Jan 1, b/c I don't think my OCD would have let me start this project on Jan 2...

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