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On Christmas Day...

We saw 
Slinky Dog, Mr. Prickle Pants, Trixie, Buttercup, Peas in a Pod, Lots-O, Dollie, a Toy Story ball, and some video games under the tree.
Macey got...
A barrel full of monkeys in her stocking.
A little confused at all of the toys sitting out unwrapped.
Sick in the middle of opening her stocking...but then was back to 100% after.
really excited over her Slinky Dog.
A Toy Story bowl, which she informed me that it was suppose to be bigger.
NOT as excited over the Toy Story ball as I had hoped...Seeing how the elves worked soooo hard on it :) 
(the picture is should see the video)
A present from Madison.
A set of golf clubs from Madison.
Some really CUTE clothes.
A much needed new jacket.
Her own Woody with a real pull string.
A Jesse doll...again with a real pull string.
The new Buzz Lightyear that speaks both English and Spanish. 
The strawberry scented, Lots-O-Huggin' Bear.  
Her first doll house.
To help daddy open his presents too.
Got...I mean WILL GET  Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head too, as soon as we get to have Christmas with my mom and sister :)

Madison Got...
A really cool new DS game.
All giggly when giving Macey her gift.
A handmade pillow from her sisiter Allison.
It's really cool on both sides. 
Her a new jacket too.  It's Oh so soft!
A couple of fashion designing books that are pretty neat.
More Make-Up
Two new purses.
A magic set box full of cool goodies. 
Some pretty stylish clothes.
To open a gift with her brother and sisters...(they all got the Playstation Move)
Along with her sister the U-Draw for the Wii (we've been playing Pictionaary with it ;) 

Allison Got...
The same cool DS game so they can't fight over it.
Some Gummy Bear earring in her stocking.
A gift from her brother.
Not sure what to even call it, but you make stuff with it? 
More cool clothes and a panda hat.
A really good how to draw book...but she really must learned to control her frustration ;) 
A jacket just like her sisters. 
Warm and fuzzy P.J.'s
A real Air Hockey game (just her size) :) 
The LOOOOOONG awaited Eye Pet game to go with the Playstation Move.
Along with her sister the U-Draw tablet for the Wii.

Alex Got...
A game that he put on his list, and then took off his list, and then put back on his list. 
A machete???? in his stocking.  (I think his dad had something to do with that)
A really cool balaclava that he wanted...I think it makes him look like a burglar, or a ninja. 
This gift from Macey...a sling shot. 
Lucky that he even got this game...another one of those on the list, off the list.
Him a jacket too...he better hide it, cause this momma wants to borrow it:) 
The Bi Pod he wanted for his pellet riffle. 
A SUPER scope for his pellet riffle.
The BB pellet hand gun that he ALMOST bought himself right before Christmas.
A tiny, but expensive, yet FREE, IPod Nano.  Thanks to hubby's Christmas party :) 

Daddy Got...
Not a lot.  
To record Christmas on video.
Coal in his stocking :(
Macey to help him open his presents. 
A chopper for food (which I did not photograph) 
A griddle to help with the million of pancakes he has to cook for a family of 6 and sometime the friends that are over as well.
A spice rack...I think he has wanted one of these for YEARS!

Momma Got...
More than she was expecting :) 
To record Christmas on film...I mean on a memory card.
The shoes she had on layaway.  
One of her favorite perfume gift sets...Euphoria! 
Really confused when she opened one of Macey already opened gift????
Really excited when she saw that inside that opened gift was the new IPod Touch with a camera!

We made a really big mess.

We got our FIRST ever White Christmas!!
It was magical!

We had a wonderful Christmas and hope you did too!

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