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Trying something new...

 O.K. so my friend got me on board with the whole couponing thing.  It can be quiet fun.  Lots of work, but well worth it.  She has started her own blog and she has put together some great info on how to get started.

Well tonight, was mine and hubby's first night to go bargain hunting.  We only bought items that we would normally buy and the rest we we either got free or got an extremely good deal on.  First off, I didn't have all the coupons I should have b/c I haven't been getting the Sunday's paper.  I'll start next Sun. though :)

First off here is all the goodies I got tonight.


I spent a total of $21.89 for ALL of this!

4. 12 pk. can drinks
10. 2 liter drinks
6. pkgs. of garlic bread
3. Hunts cans of tomato sauce
1. hand soap
2. boxes of cereal
1. pk. of M&M's for Macey :)

Those 2 liters were on sale for $1 each and they all had a use now coupon for .55 cents off. I got each of them for .45

6 packages of the Cole's garlic bread... FREE!!!

Well O.K. so they were ALL suppose to be free, BUT Winn Dixie won't take more than 3 of the same coupon, or something like that. So hubby did a separate purchase the 30 seconds that I gave him the coupons and he paid the cashier......HE FORGOT TO GIVE HER THE COUPONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That would have meant instead of us paying $21.89, it would have been $19.89

o.k. well I'm FINALLY over it!! I think. When I was taking pics of the food, my hubby asked, "are you gonna tell on me"? I smiled and said YEP!! He knows me too well.

Don't forget to check her site out. I couldn't have done it with out her help.

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