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Punks, Pirates, Monsters, Monkeys...

That's what my kids were for Halloween.

Actually Alex and his buddy didn't dress up they just went as themselves "punks" and yes, they did actually Trick or Treat for candy :D

Oops, no picture :(

Allison was a "Monster Bride" If she had been wearing her hat you would be able to tell that she was in fact Mrs. Frankenstein.


Madison was a girly, punkish, pirate, although everyone thought she was a gypsy.

halloween collage 1

Macey, well I think you can tell what she was, she was a little GIRLY monkey...notice the bow!!!

This photo below was actually from the night we went to the library, so here, Macey has a red bow when Halloween night she wore a pink one.

Look closely at Allison's hat...see the bolts on the side?

IMG_4914 copy

We went with some friends and rode on the back of a trailer. Oh, how COLD it was, but so much FUN!

halloween collage

After Trick or Treating we came home and had pizza and finally made our Gingerbread Haunted House. It was taking so long for the icing to set up so we just gave each kid a piece and told them to decorate that. It turned out pretty fun and I'm sure they made some memories this night.

halloween collage 2

I think our pumpkins this year turned out pretty good.
(my green one is suppose to be Frankenstein, NOT the Hulk;)

IMG_4983 copy

This was my first year to carve a pumpkin :D Not sure why???

Jack Skeleton = Warren's

Mickey Mouse = Mine

halloween collage 3

Who's do you like better????

They're even cooler at night :)

halloween collage 4

That wraps up our Halloween night.

Can't believe it's over. Looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas:D


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