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Well I have been debating on whether or not to post this b/c I didn't want my kids at risk of reading this. They don't read my blog, but they do have a tendency to stand over my shoulder and want to read or see what I'm doing.

Any way, I think most of my readers know about our previous vacation trip. It was great, but all of that rain we endured was very hard. Especially after waiting 13 years for a trip. Hubby and I have talked and talked about how we can squeeze a trip back to Disney World...SOON. We finally said what the heck, lets just go ahead and book a trip. We can always cancel and no harm done, right. Well, now we have a trip booked for late Sept. (during my bday) I know it's crazy. I'm not even sure we can pull it off. It's going to take chunks of money from the next few pay checks to pay for the trip. Oh did I mention we would be getting free dining?

We are NOT going to tell the kids, at least not for a while anyway. I would hate to get them excited and then burst their bubbles. I hate to even burst my bubble.

I guess for now this means...
No Gain detergant (I love the smell of my laundry when washed with Gain)
No huggies diapers (shouldn't be buying diapers anyway)
No Bunny bread (I had to spreed P.Butter on cheap bread)
No Dr.Peppers (well for the kids anyway, hubby won't drink fake DP)
No Bounty paper towels (OMG, that will be a hard one)
No cereal boxes with well know characters on it (oh wait, we haven't been doing that anyway:)

O.K. so you get the idea.

Oh crap, I just remembered that we would have to board our dog. Hmmm things are adding up fast. Like I said I feel real doubtful that we can pull it off, but if we don't then any money we have been able to save can be used for Christmas , right?

Yes, I know this photo has nothing to do with this post, but I think a post with no photos is boring. So here is a picture of one of my beautiful daughters sporting her new toothless smile.

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Staceystace  – (June 28, 2009 at 10:19 PM)  

Hi, Audrey, I found you through the AL Bloggers site. I know exactly what you're talking about! It's tough to safe for vacations, but worth it when they come!

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