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Our Disney Trip Sixth Day Continued 05-23-09

Sorry for the delay in posting about our Disney trip. After I finished the previous post, I forgot that Alex had some pictures on his camera from when he, Warren, and Allison was walking around Epcot. So I thought I'd make a quick post to share their experiences that day.

Alright, as soon as I found my first picture to post I realized I don't really know what is going on since I wasn't there. I would ask, but everyone is in bed.

I can only assume that this was my hubby's idea.

Ahhh, I'm starting to like how my son takes pics...tell a story with your photos. If only he could keep his hands steady. ;) They did tell me that they went back to the ride Mission Space and did the intense version this time. And loved it, might I add.

O.K. well, maybe it was Warren that has picked up on my photography techniques. If only HE could keep a steady hand. (grin)

Again, I would have to bet this was hubby's idea to make the kids do this.


But this one, I am most definitely sure it was his idea.

Oh, yeah! This was the Kim Possible (game??) that Allison wanted to do soooo bad. I wasn't sure it was gonna work out, but Warren managed to do it with her and I'm so glad for her. The phone gave you clues to find certain things throughout the park. Once you found them all you then helped to save the world in Epcot. I'm sure I'm leaving out some details, but that is pretty much how I understood it to be.

Hehe, a little Lizard. It is so much fun to see Disney through the "eyes" of my kids, lol. I highly recommend giving your kids their own camera at places like this and see what they come up with.

I bet this was fun. I hate that I missed it.

Oh yeah, Warren had said that this was part of that Kim Possible thing. When they went to a certain point and hit a button, this "baby" popped up and did something. A little freaky looking to me.
Looks like they "lured" them right into a gift shop. Cleaver on Disney's part.

Hmm, must have been interesting to my son, lol. We learned VERY quick that the wild life were not afraid of any humans. I don't know how many times I felt like I was going to run over a bird with the stroller, LOL. The squirrels were pretty much the same way.

It looks like this became a ritual for them.

Riding on the monorail. At a different time the girls got to ride in the very front and received a certificate. I heard the front seat view was AWESOME!
The monorails are soooo nice b/c you don't have to take the baby out of the stroller and fold it up. Big pluses there.

Ooooo, I know what this is. This is when they went to the Contemporary Resort to me me, Heather, Madison and Macey for supper at Chef Mickeys. This is where we want to stay at the next time we go. The monorail runs right through the resort. You can also pay for a Magic Kingdom view from your room. We will probably not pay for that room.

Well that sums it up for this day. I don't know about you, but I enjoyed visiting Disney through the eyes of my kids. I think I'll have another post like this.

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Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady")  – (June 21, 2009 at 10:39 PM)  

I guess you know about the Bay Towers villas they're building at the Contemporary?? If ONLY we had a spare $10-20k we'd buy into it! ha!!

We have a darling set of photos of our grandkids IN with Nemo before a "Cast Member" came and politely shoo-ed us out. But we "got our shot". Love that ride -even after going on it 5 or 6 times in a row with a 3 year old. And Turtle Talk with Crush - what fun!

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady")  – (June 21, 2009 at 10:42 PM)  

Oh, by the way, I suggest you do a Photobook of your trip - that's what we do now - get everyone's photos, compile them together (I use iPhoto and send them into Apple but if you don't have a Mac, you can use MyPublisher for the same thing) and then order 4 books - one for us and one of each of our kids. I hope to do one of all the trips from the first one in 1980 up to when the kids all got married (that's when we started doing "annuals" because there were 8 of us - now 13).

Awdrey  – (June 22, 2009 at 12:46 AM)  

Oh, yes, I have looked into the BLT at the cont. Oh, how I wished we could stay there. But I think anything at the cont. will be nice enough for us. I like the idea of a photo book. No, sadly I don't have a Mac :( I did make a little photo album for my youngest so she could have a picture book. Here is a link to that. I really should just make a blog post on it.

Awdrey  – (June 22, 2009 at 12:47 AM)  

Well try this link instead, you'll still have to copy/paste it but it should work.

Anonymous –   – (July 3, 2009 at 5:37 AM)  
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