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Our Disney Trip Seventh Day 05-24-09

This is our last FULL day. We went to Disney's Hollywood Studios. The day started out sunny, hot and crowed!

We found out while standing in line to get in that it was Star Wars Weekend. I had no idea we were going to be there the same time. I knew it was coming up in June. I guess they do more than one a year. I LOVE Star Wars, but I would have to assume that this draws in more people than normal and I was trying to avoid that.

Oh, well. We did enjoy seeing all the Star Wars stuff. Especially Darth Vader!

Oh, yes, the big man himself.

Warren had left the line to go get a FastPass for the ride Toy Story. The FastPasses allows you to move about the park until a certain time. When you come back you get to go through a faster line than you do if you didn't have a fastpass.

Anyway, it has the times posted and Warren was afraid that the Toy Story FastPasses were going to run out. He waited until the time posted was well after our meal so we could ride it.

I said all of that to say...He showed up just in time to get his photo with Darth Vader. I believe this is the only character Warren got his photo with.

We went to Honey I Shrunk the Kids. It was a play ground for little ones.

Macey loved the slide.

We went to Pizza Planet for lunch. Can't remember if I mentioned it or not, but when we checked in, they gave Alex a Happy Birthday pin. You wear it all week and he got birthday wishes all the time. The cashier at Pizza Planet gave him this souvenir cup. Oh how I LOVE freebies!

Every time I look at this photo it makes me feel like I was the paparazzi, lol.

Disney has the most awesome 3-D shows. Macey didn't care for them too much though.
We saw Honey I Shrunk the Audience, A Bug's Life, and this one.

We rode the Star Wars ride. At the end of the ride the exit leads you to a Star Wars gift shop. A lot of rides do that. I can't believe they can actually make you go into a gift shop, LOL.
Aunt Heather got Alex this Yoda backpack for his bday. Alex had seen a guy in the Darth Vader line with one of these and really liked it.

I think I might have failed to mention that Disney will give you a $70 gift card or a free one day admission to a park if you come on your actual birthday. YOu must bring proof of course. Alex had lots of fun spending that. I don't think I took any pics though. He bout a Star Wars shirt from in here though.

I wanted to stop and see these guys soooo bad, but the line was long, this was our last day, and we actually had sunshine. So at this point we said no more characters.

Haha, we had seen Mickey 3 times already. We actually had to "hide" him from Macey so she wouldn't pitch a fit to go see him.

Look Alex and Mae Mae were twins. They both had a buddy riding on their back.


About to go watch Disney Clubhouse show.

Need I say more. She love Disney!

We ate at Hollywood and Vine for supper. While waiting for our table, Warren noticed a guy signing autographs. He went over to see who it was, and it was a guy from Star Wars...a REAL star from the movie. He showed Alex and he really wanted to meet him b/c he remembered him from the movie.

They called our name so we decided we would wait until after we ate to go meet him.

Just a few minutes after we got inside it started to rain. Then it started to pour! We were sitting by a window and I finally decided to take a picture, but not until after it had slowed down, a lot. It's hard to tell in the pic, but that what was deep! People were walking through it and it was well over their ankles.

We took our time eating. Once the rain slowed down (we still had to wear our ponchos) we headed back out to only find out that the Star Wars guy was not there any more. I had no idea how much this was gonna make Alex sad. It broke my heart and I was desperately trying to make him feel better, with no luck. Remember this is was our last full day and I hated for it to end this way.

Finally it was time for us to use our FastPass to the ride Toy Story. We had no idea how fun this was going to be. We all loved, even Macey. She was helping me shoot.
We wanted to ride it again, but the line wait was like hour or hour and half. Yes, that is why I was trying to go at a slow time, and we show up during Star Wars weekend, oh well.

This was a neat boat ride. It went through several movie scenes. My fav. was Wizard of Oz. but nothing will ever compare to the boat ride, It's a Small World. Macey loved that ride and she would sing the song as we were going through. Any way here is a picture of the movie ride.

We came out of this indoor ride to faced with this. There's actually two rainbows. Beautiful isn't it.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot until I came across this picture. I was dieing to ride Rockin' Roller coaster. We had gotten FastPasses for it.

Me, Warren and Alex were going to ride it first. Just as we got in line we here...the ride is closing, OMG! What! have we not had enough bad luck? Oh, well, not sure if it was due to the rain, b/c I swear I think it's an indoor ride. Maybe it was just tech issues, but come on. Alright so now I'm bummed with Alex, but trying not to be.

So the restaurant we ate at earlier came with VIP seating for Fantasmic. The only thing was it said you need to show up an hour and half early. As much as I wanted to see Fantasmic, we had chosen to skip trying to get other stuff in. When we were denied a ride on Rockin' Roller Coaster I was kind of bummed we did go. We saw the crowds lining up for Fantasmic and decide lets go who cares if we missed our VIP seats.

As it turned out we were still able to get our VIP seats, yeah! and we only had to wait about 15 minutes or so for the show to start. Am I ever so glad we watched it. WE all loved it and before it was over, Alex was smiling and talking about how awesome it was. Yes, this is how I wanted our trip to end. Thanks to some Disney Magic.

Yes, crappy pic. I know, but I wanted to show you all of these people. My kids were amazed at all of the people in one spot. And, they have another Fantasmic show right after this one, with this many people again.
Trust me, the pic doesn't do it any justice, there were TONS of people.

Oh, wait, just found a better pic. lol. It still doesn't do the crowd justice as I could fit everyone in my view finder.



My camera died. Had to finish up with Alex's camera. But the pics can't do Fantasmic justice.

Here's a little clip of the beginning of Fantasmic.

Yes, one more photo opp. Macey was already gone.

Macey got a Mickey and Minnie Mouse from there. When we go back I want to get her the whole gang.

That's a lot of shoes! Thank goodness for those Crocs! better than my Teva's, but I do like my Teva's :)

That sums up our last night there. I have one more post to make. Our journey home. Sorry this post was sooo LONG. We had sunshine most of the day :) so that means double the picture taken'

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Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady")  – (June 21, 2009 at 10:51 PM)  

My son interned at WDW in 2002 for 8 months as part of their College Program (he was at UT Austin and it counted towards his business degree - yeah! Business AND pleasure!) Anyway, they are big on what they call "Merchantainment" - mixing BUYING stuff with entertainment. That's why you come out in a shop after almost every single ride. But on the plus side, if a kid loses his toy on a ride, it gets replaced! They've even had replacements waiting when they knew a toy was dropped in the water on a ride. Cool!

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