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Our Disney Trip First Day 05-17-09 thru 05-18-09

Pre Trip/Traveling/First Day

We have had this trip planned for over a year now. We are overly excited. For what ever reason I seem to put things off until the last minute. I was a little over whelmed at all of the stuff that still had to be done the night before. Sorting the kids outfits by day and putting them in zip lock bags didn't help matters. Although this proved to be a godsend later in our trip.



Here is the bag of road trip goodies I made for the kids.


I wanted to stop and have a picnic on our way there. It had been raining for most of our journey. It slowed down enough for us to make a pit stop and eat our sandwiches on the curb of a gas station.


I had forgotten to take a picture of the van before we left. So here it is at the gas station. My hubby had heard people making comments about it. I was surprised that no one else had done the same thing, that I saw.


Time to get back on the road. Watching some Disney movies.


Approaching the toll booths and not liking the looks of the weather.


Our luggage that was packed on top of the car got soaked from the rain. Our waterproof tarp was ripped on the inside and was no longer a waterproof tarp. Heather and I spent a couple of hours drying all of our clothes I spent so long on washing, packing etc. Here is where the kids clothes being in zip lock bags became very useful. All of there clothes were dry. Thank goodness! I had left Warren in the room with all the kids. When I came back he was passed out and the kids were wide awake. Our first night in Orlando didn't go as planned, but once we had the luggage taken care of we ready for some shut eye and start our big day.


Getting online with my PSP while waiting on laundry.


Finally it's the next day. This is what I have been waiting to see, the big welcome sign :)



Finally getting to check in. We stayed at Fort Wilderness Cabins.


Alex getting his birthday pin. He got birthday wishes all week long. Such a wonderful place to celebrate a birthday.


Allison getting her first visit pin. Can you tell she is a little bit excited?


Our First Park we went to was Magic Kingdom. As soon as we got there I had to drop $45 bucks on ponchos. They only lasted about a day or two before we had to buy more. We found some Disney ponchos at Wal Mart for half the price.

Right off the bat we saw Pinocchio. Macey loved him!


Traditional photo pose.


Enjoying our first ride...the Tea Cups


We all loved Dumbo


Not one of Macey's favortie characters


The kids really enjoyed the pressed penny machines.


Waiting for our names to be called at the Crystal Palace.


Piglet was a favorite! He was the only one she liked. When they started to make their second rounds I told Piglet that and he gave her another hug.




Alex's first birthday celebration at Disney World.
Side note, I think Disney World provides some of the most ugliest uniforms for their employees.


Birthday card from the characters.




Madison was a little sad that night b/c she didn't get to see a princess. No matter how much I told her we would be eating lunch with them later in the week she was sad. Right as we were about to leave, she got to see Cinderella in the night time parade. That put a smile on her face and we were able to call it a night.

I have to end this post here, but will be adding more. I took 1,177 photos on this trip so it is taking me a while to go through and upload them all.

More to come...Lots more!

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Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady")  – (June 16, 2009 at 8:45 PM)  

I can see how excited everyone was to finally be there! It's such a rush isn't it? We never get tired of going. So glad you had a great day!

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