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Our Disney Trip Second Day 05-19-09

Our 2nd day (Alex's birthday)

Unfortunately ponchos became a daily routine. On this day it rained pretty hard and I was having a hard time finding the "magic" Alex's birthday didn't go quiet as well as I had planned. Today would turn out to be a good practice day for maneuvering in the rain with four kids and a stroller. We went to Disney Hollywood Studios and went to the Will Cot booth and got Alex his free $75 dollar gift card from Disney for his birthday. That was NICE!!!


The rain got so bad we decided we should try and find shelter and eat something. We didn't find great shelter but these table with umbrellas over them helped some. I wish you would look at Mae Mae, she was happy rain or shine.


Our first ride at DHS was Tower of Terror. Me, Alex and Heather rode this ride first. I snapped this shot right before we were to fall. Madison really wanted to get on this. I didn't think she would like it and I was right. Later on in the trip though she said it was one of her favorites. I think she just forgot how far you really fall.


The rains picked up again. Here is a glimpse at what we had to walk in several times, and at times much worse!


Trying to keep Macey dry. We called her bubble girl.


I love this photo!


Finally it was time to eat at the Sci Fi Dine In for Alex's birthday. This was one of my favorite restaurants.


Heather and I both ordered the steak. We had to send it back due to it was still kicking on our plates, but other than that it was delicious.


Alex got a sunday and card from Sci Fi.


We actually left the card there and had to get it replaced later. It wasn't the same card and Alex was kind of down about that b/c this one had Chinese writing on it.


They have the BEST cheesecake in the world.


More post's coming soon.

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Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady")  – (June 16, 2009 at 8:48 PM)  

I've never seen it rain there like that in all the 20plus years we've been going - real bummer! I like the Sci-Fi too but we can't go again until the grandkids are older - they haven't even seen the entire "Finding Nemo" yet because of the sharks. So screaming ladies in black and white, even with the cheesy effects, might not be such a "magical" thing for them. :)

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