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Our Disney Trip Third Day 05-20-09

Finally got a little bit of sunshine, but not for long. Here is a photo of our cabin.


On the bus headed towards Animal Kingdom. Sadly we lost that hat Macey is wearing :(


With more sun and less rain means more people.


Hand prints of a 6 yr. old gorilla. That is one year younger than Madison.


Eating at Pizzafari...We loved it!


Riding Kilimanjaro Safaris


This place was beautiful. I love to see the animals having lots of room and being as close to their natural environment as possible.



It started to rain again, I mean POUR!


We finally made it out of the rain to go eat at Boma's flavors of Africa. It was so so, I guess I'm not a big fan of African food, but I loved the deserts and the steak there.

They brought Alex another cupcake and spelled out Happy Birthday with chocolate sauce on his plate.


Lovin' the high chair.


After supper the rains slowed down and we decided to go visit Downtown Disney. Here is Macey sporting her leash. I swore I would never put one of these on any of my kids, but this thing came in handy. She actually liked it.

She is dancing in the streets to some music that was playing from somewhere. Madison said maybe people will give her some money (she got that from Mr. Beans Holiday)


I am so very lucky.


If she is this happy to be beside a statue, I can't wait to see her with the real one.


Check out the price for this lego piece.


Here is my hubby trying on some hats. He wanted me to take pics...he said this would save us some money b/c now I didn't have to buy him any Mickey ears. I think these were the infant size, lol.


This was $4,500.00 After I took the picture, ALL of my kids that could read informed me of the sign that said no photography, OOPS! hehe.


Cool card trick!



Here is my hubby trying to make the most of another rainy night.


Check out the price for a box of cereal at the cabins gift shop. Good thing I packed our cereal from home.


I so wanted this rain jacket, but not for $50.00 bucks :( Now that it's all over with, I actually wished I had bought it. Oh well, I'll just have to go back and get it.


I was really digging the Indiana Jones hat too, but not at $50 bucks. No, I'm not sorry that I didn't get it, lol.


This had turned out to be the best day so far even though we didn't get to do all there was at Animal Kingdom, due to the rain. We didn't get to go back later on either. So we did not get to ride Expedition Everest :(

More to come.

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Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady")  – (June 20, 2009 at 11:15 PM)  

Hey, I used those on MY kids when we'd fly from London to Lubbock back in the 80's - they were called "child harnesses" and believe me, in Gatwick Airport with thousands of people, it gave me peace of mind!

I'm not a big fan of African food either - we ate at that Jinko (or whatever it was called) - expensive and not very impressive. We did eat at the Yak and Yetti and loved it!

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