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Our Disney Trip Fourth Day Continued 05-21-09

This day was such a pretty day I took a whole lot more pictures this day v/s the rainy days. I have a total of 1,177 photos from this trip. Had we had more sunshine I have no doubt I would have came home with 2,000 plus photos.

It was still just me, Heather and the girls at this point. We decided to stand in line to see Mickey and all his friends. I wasn't sure how Macey would act. Some characters she loved and some she didn't. Nothing could have prepared me for her reaction to them.

Once we got close to them in line she was already pointing and yelling Mickey Mouse. This was a good sign. :) It finally got to the point that it was hard to hold her back from breaking line to get to them. Once it was her turn she ran to them, hugged them, kissed them, posed for photos and waved bye to them. We got lots of Ooooo and Ahhhhh from people in line watching her with the characters. Talk about making some magical memories here!!





Giving Donald some kisses, by this point she really knows how the process works.


I don't know why they left Daisy Duck out. Seems like they do that a lot. It must be like Betty from the Flintstones. Remember how they never included her in the vitamins.

I took this picture of me entering the park. She had me scan my finger again b/c it didn't register. I finally realized I was using the wrong finger due to me taking a picture. Duh!


This was an extremely long day for all of us. We were tired, wet, and hungry. We were told by a cast member at City Hall that there was a quick service meal at the cabins. We got there to find out it was a bar. :( I wasn't pleased. We ended up driving to Pop and eating there since they stayed open late.

By this point Macey was out of control. She was throwing fits, crying, screaming etc. I was ready to leave too. I guess we took advantage of the sunny day we had and pushed it too far.

Here are the kids on the 10 min drive back to the cabins.

She stayed like this while I changed her diaper, clothes and brushed her hair.

Well I'm half way through the week. Stayed tuned.

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Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady")  – (June 20, 2009 at 11:25 PM)  

It's easy to "overdose" on activities there - factor in the expense/weather/etc. and you can OD pretty quickly. :) Bummer about bad info on the eating place - they are usually NEVER wrong!

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