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Our Disney Trip Fifth Day 05-22-09

I was a little upset that we had not received any towel animals by this point, and I had been leaving the maids a nice tip. I requested to have some left for the kids, and then they went over board.



We rode Living with the Land first. Nothing extremely exciting, but it was interesting and a nice thing to do when it is raining.



We had a good soaking rain day. We took cover at Innoventions b/c it was indoors, but it was mostly for younger kids. We did find a few things in their to keep us occupied.


Macey having another fit. By now I had seen enough kids throw fits that I no longer cared if anyone was looking or not. So I just took a picture while she rolled around on the floor.


Here is Warren riding a Segway. Again I think he was trying to lighten the stress for us b/c of all the rain.

Only half of us could ride Soarin at a time. BTW that is an awesome ride! Here we are waiting for the other bunch to get off. Macey was playing with her Minnie Mouse doll and pretending to change her diaper.

This is another cool ride. The fast passes were neat to have, but boy do they run out fast!

Here we are waiting for our ressie's at Rose and Crown Pub and Dining Room.

Eating at the Pub gave us VIP seats to watch IllumiNations. Macey liked most of it, but she didn't like the fireworks. She even covered my ears one time. How cute is that!

Our waiter asked Heather if there was anything else that she needed, she jokingly said a jacket. He came back with a blanket. LOL! I'm guessing some of the people from other countries are not sure when we are joking and when we're not. Or maybe he was just that nice.

She gives the deserts two thumbs up.

Getting more stamps in our passports. This guy was really friendly. Alex liked him a lot. He made little paper stars for each of the kids.

Me, Heather, Madison and Macey headed back to the cabin while Warren took Alex and Allison to visit some more countries. These two were wore out.

We had gotten to the point that we were starting to run out of clothes. This is what 5 days of dirty laundry looks like for us.

It took four loads and $16. Heather and I stayed up until 3 a.m. and our clothes were still not dry. We headed back to get some sleep hoping our clothes would still be there in the morning. ;) I guess that's what you get when you try to shove all of this into 2 dryers trying to save money, lol.

And I thought I didn't get much sleep at home.

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