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Gotta start somewhere

Today, finally, I got on my treadmill. I can't stand this weight on me, and hopefully I'll keep this up. I'm not known for a healthy lifestyle. I won't lie, I love me some junk food and I hate exercise. I was 100 lbs. in high school and when I got married, so being over weight is something that has only hit me since having kids and getting older (and being lazy). Unfortunately, with each pregnancy I kept 10 lbs or so with each one. It makes me so mad now. I mean really how hard would it have been to loose 10 lbs. After Macey was born I actually lost a LOT of weight, due to weird and unusual circumstances. Those lbs. quickly found their way back and now here I am. I'm so disgusted with the way I look. I won't wear anything that shows my legs. I hate getting ready to go somewhere b/c I know none of the close will ever fit me right. So today I got on the treadmill and hopefully I'll do it again tomorrow. I don't know why I make it out to be so hard. I walked for 25 minutes (1.22 miles) Not bad for a start. I could have gone more...I just didn't want to, LOL. I burned 168 calories and I'm fighting really hard to not put those right back on. Oh, how some peanut M&M's sound so good right now. Thankfully there are not any in the house.


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