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Getting Ready

It's getting so close to our trip. 8 days 19 hrs. 33 min. and 42 sec. until we actually leave. Yes I have a count down ticker on my desktop. I made me a camera strap cover, yes with Mickey's on it. I took this picture while sewing. That is pretty dangerous for me to do, b/c I am not known for my multitasking.


Hey, check out my sewing machine...coincidence????? (hey I just spelled coincidence right the first time, but oddly tried to spell the word spelled as spelt.)


See check out my strap, sorry the lighting was bad and didn't use my flash. It's reversible.


This picture was taken yesterday so Thur. was not crossed out yet. I made calendars for the kids, and myself, started at the 100 day count down. I can't believe we are at single digits.


I'm gonna be so bummed that I can't post pics and blog while I'm there b/c I don't have a laptop, but lets face it, am I really gonna want to? I have been so lucky in being able to get some of the many items on our list that I wanted for Disney World. Such as a new stroller, new shoes for the family, some new clothes for the kids and this adorable bag for Macey that I found on Etsy and can't wait to post. I still have a few things though that I really wanted and if any of you want to send me a fair well gift, I'll gladly accept it:) Laptop, camera lens, epson p2000, blackberry, better yet why not an iphone?

I've started packing the small travel sized items. I can't wait to actually be packing clothes. Oh, and I must finish those activity books I've been making. We will be driving there so I've got lots of things up my sleeve for the kids. I know most people hate long car rides, but I'm actually looking forward to it. The getting there is always more fun than the trip home.


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