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Easter Celebration

Lots and lots to catch up on.

I finally had some time, or should I say, made the time, to go through my Easter pics.
Sat. April 11th, the day before Easter, we went to a friend of mines house to have an egg hunt. For the past several years she has made it an annual event to have her friends over and do an egg hunt for all the kids.

I was looking forward to taking pics, but found it extremely difficult to get the kind of images I was hoping for. I had kids going in all different directions so fast, I was basically taking only snaps. I did manage to capture a few that were worth editing.


IMG_9238 copy 2

It has also became a tradition to tell the story of why we celebrate Easter, told by my friends hubby.



That day was Allison's actual bday. She had already had a slumber party, but that night we had family over to celebrate her special day. We ordered pizza and decorated Easter eggs so we could hunt eggs at our house on Easter.

It has been an annual event for Heather (my sis in law) and her hubby to come over the night before Easter and dye eggs with the kiddos.


Allison got more presents that night. I'm gonna wait about posting the pics of her gifts, b/c I want to try and take some good pics of her using the items. So hopefully I'll get those up later, but here is what she got. Money, a total of $150 bucks!!! That's some money giving relatives huh? She got the bike she had wanted, and she got a Nintendo DSI. That thing is fun!!


Hubby was on call that whole week and had to work all day Sat. and Sun. I still think it was pretty crappy that he had to work on Easter, but what can you do? So, for a while now I've been telling myself, I need to get back in church, and that my kids most definitely need to be going. So since hubby had to work and since I hadn't been to an Easter service in YEARS, I thought it just made since to go.

For about a week I had been feeling like I was really suppose to go that Sun. The service was good but, during the alter call, I remember thinking, man, I thought something really awesome was going to happen today. B/C I just knew in my heart I was suppose to be there for a specific reason. When at that moment my son stood up and went to the alter to give his life to Jesus. At that instance, I immediately said to myself, "That's why I was here today." I swear that was an awesome feeling. Doing something you knew you were suppose to do, but not sure why, and then right before your eyes, being revealed what that was. I had to share that bit with my readers and hope that it moves you, b/c it sure moved me.


During Warren's lunch break that afternoon the kids hunted eggs. Again, I didn't get shot's like I wanted. In fact this photo I'm about to post is horrible in so many ways. The exposure is way off, I hate the crop, I don't like my hubby's backside in the b/g, BUT, all that aside, I LOVE this photo :) This is when they first walked out the door to go hunt. I love the pure joy and excitement they both express. Allison obviously being more subtle, but you can see her happiness on her face. Then you have Madison literally hoping down the stairs, and swinging her basket. It just appeals to me, probably b/c I'm their mother, but I smile every time I look at it.

Can you spot how many eggs are in this photo?


O.K. so still not a really good photo, but I love Macey's face here. She has in her hands the Mickey and Minnie Mouse eggs that her uncle made for her. :)


I saw a photo sort of like this, I believe on Flickr, and I might even have it as a favorite. Anyway, I wanted to try my own version. It didn't come out exactly how I had envisioned it, but I do like it. It's hard to tell but all 4 kids are in the shot and so is hubby with a video camera in his hand.

IMG_9293 copy 2

And here is one last shot before I end this incredibly long post.

IMG_9298 copy 4

P.S. There were 5 eggs in that photo mentioned above.


Anonymous –   – (April 21, 2009 at 7:16 AM)  

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! God always has a plan when He tugs at your heart! Tell Alex I am so very excited for him!

Awdrey  – (April 21, 2009 at 11:12 AM)  

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog Tammy. I know, isn't that amazing...I'm learning ;)

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