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Mae Mae Turns Two

Today my youngest turns two. No, not the "terrible two's" the "TERRIFIC two's" This is my FAVORITE age of all. Watching her learn knew things everyday is a hoot for all of us to watch. It has gone by so fast. 2 yrs. and 9 mos. ago I couldn't image ourselves with another little one around, now I couldn't imagine ourselves without her. She brings such joy to our lives and others. Anyone who doesn't really know her is missing out. It has been so fun watching the 3 older kids grow up with her. They don't see her as a sibling like they do with each other, I'm sure it has to do with the age difference. They all spoil her rotten.

For her first birthday I wrote a poem for her. I haven't got one for her this year. Who knows, maybe my poetic juices will start to flow before her actual party ;) I thought I would share with you guys the poem I did write for her 1 yr. ago.

Yeah, a little cheesy, maybe. Hopefully she'll appreciate it when she's older. I'll be posting pics of her party soon. It will be next weekend due to hubby having to work this weekend.

Happy Birthday Mae Mae!
We love all love you so much


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