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Measuring Up

Do you measure your kids on their 2nd birthday? Maybe you should...I remember my mom always telling the story about how our pediatrician telling her to measure us on our 2nd birthday, and to double it, and that is how tall we would be when we were adults. It was pretty much on the spot. I think I am 1 inch taller than what was "predicted" and my sister I believe was right on target. Since Macey's 2nd birthday is today, I measured her and she is a whopping 31 inches. So according to the steps mentioned above, she will be about 5'2" which is about average for my family :)

I had too look up all of the other kids measurements for the fun of it. Here is how tall I "predict" them to be when there all grown up.

Alex 5'7" His dad is 5'9" so he'll always have to look up to him ;)

Allison 5'1/2" Yep, it's not surprising that she'll be the shortest. She turns 10 in April and is currently 4 feet tall. You know what they say though..."Dynamite comes in small packages."

Madison 5'4" WoW! I'm 5'2" She'll be "tall" for our family (grin)

So there you have it. Only time will tell, but I can wait.

Today, for the first time, I laid Macey down for her nap in a "big girl's" bed. I wondered how this would turn out. Surprisingly, she never got up. She was asleep in about 5 minutes. Oh my, does this mean a toddler bed is on it's way? Here is a picture I took of her in the big bed. Doesn't she look peaceful.


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