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Minnie Mouse Party...Tons of photos

Yesterday we celebrated Macey's 2nd birthday. Inspired by our up coming trip to Disney World, we had a Minnie Mouse party, and because this seems to be the only cartoon show she reacts to.

I am horrible about putting things off until the last minute. I guess I'll never learn. Saturday I still had to make the cake, finish her outfit, clean house, etc. etc. etc.

Here was the start of my day.


For what ever reason, I can't make a cake without making a mess and making my job even harder.


Finally got the outfit completely finished, um, some time early Sun. morning.


Here are a couple of gifts that arrived from friends. I just love it when they get into the theme as well.


Here are the shoes I made to match the outfit.


The finished cake. Macey had her own little Minnie Mouse cake (shown in the front.)


Make a wish!


She loved opening the gifts.


Her aunt Heather got her a Bible. She opened it up and went on to "read" it. That was sooo cute. Everyone laughed.


She got a potty seat...This is what she used it for :) This is the smallest little potty seat I've ever seen. It's the perfect size for her since she is so petite.


Here are all the goodies she got. Thank you everyone!!!!


This is hubby's best friend's son. He is adorable. These two hit it off pretty good. Giving each other hugs and kisses. It's funny how, at this age, you encourage for them to do it again so you can get that photo of it, but when they become teenagers your doing everything you can to discourage it.


Her cousin Zeke wasn't to happy in this photo. Mae Mae went right up to him and was trying to comfort him. She even wiped away his tears (a little roughly) but sweet all the same.


Giving her new "boy friend" a hug good bye.


Paw Paw missed the party, but stopped by later to give her this new Elmo. She took to him pretty quick.


Oh, I forgot to mention that Mickey Mouse came to the party too.


Love these cups from Playtex. You can personalize them to your liking. She was Macey Mouse for the day.


It was a wonderful party. I thank all who took time out of there day to celebrate with us. If this was not enough pictures, you can go to my flickr account to see more.


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