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Potty Time

I have been waiting for Macey to get a potty so we could see how she takes to it. Today I did the whole naked thing with her. As most of you know, she hates to wear clothes. She doesn't really like the diaper either, but has always been made to wear it. So now that I have allowed pretty much the whole day with her in the buff, I'm afraid she thinks it is now o.k. to be naked all the time. What have I done? I put a diaper on for nap today, which came right back off.

She was eating lunch in her seat and started to climb the back of it. Kind of hard to explain, but she was kind of in a dangerous position. Allison then said "Uh, mom, I think she peed." Macey then says says "Eewe" O.K. great, so she didn't like the feel of pee all down her legs. Well two more accidents later she doesn't seem to mind as much, darn! She does seem to like to sit on the potty. She has always been a quick learner, so I'm hoping potty training will be too. I can hope can't I? Right now I am mainly just introducing the whole idea and what it is to her. I really think it would be better to go full swing after Disney World. So that is how our day has gone so far. I think my sister thinks I'm crazy for letting her go naked. I told her "You haven't potty trained one yet have you?" She'll find out soon enough.



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