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A very long two weeks for all of us

Well things have been kind of chaotic around here lately. I haven't posted in a while. Last Sun. my hubby had to go to Memphis, TN for training, which is almost 5 hrs. away. He got to come home this past Fri. at around 9:30 p.m. We had Sat. and part of today with him before he had to go back for another week. The first week wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, but today has already been HARD! I miss him so much, but not only that, being with the 4 kids day in and day out is stressful when you don't get any kind of break. He definitely completes me and I don't know what I would do without him. This trip might actually be good for us. It re-confirms our love for each other. I'm not sure who it's harder on, me or him? He is totally away from all of his family, having to sleep in a strange bed etc. and not to mention how difficult this class is, and he is VERY smart. It's pretty insane what all he has to learn in only two weeks. While I'm here pulling my hair out one by one, lol. I keep telling myself it will go by fast, but then I turn around and say he just left today.
I went out this weekend and bought some supplies for an art project the kids and I will do to help pass the time. I can't wait to get started on that. I'm thinking we won't get to do it until Tues or Wed so I'm praying for pretty weather both days, as it's a project that really needs to be done outside. I'm anxious to take pics of that. I'll explain what the project is after we've done it and I can post about the whole event. Well there's a little update on my life. I've got some pics I need to go through and post. One of them being Madison recently loosing her 2nd tooth. Oh, and I've got lots of other projects for myself coming up in the next few weeks, as we're about to celebrate Macey turning two. So be coming back by to check on my progress.


Life with Kaishon  – (February 23, 2009 at 5:26 PM)  

I can't even imagine being home alone with kids for days on end... I am so glad you have your husband : ) Thank goodness he can come home soon. I will say a prayer for you today!

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