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I might have...

a notebook/binder obsession!

Going through my notebooks I found this...

Then I found this...

Don't let the last one fool you.  I only wished I was that organized!  I don't know which is worst my addiction to making/creating a list for EVERYTHING or my owning every cool notebook/binder known to man. 
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Digital Princess Scrapbooking Paper

I'm trying to get back into if I have any more room on plate for something else.  I created these papers.  They are high resolution so they are fine for printing.  They are 12x12, but of course you could make them into any size square.  Feel free to pass this alone to your scrapbooking friends, but please just don't pass them off as your own creations.  Thanks and if you like them please comment below.  If you use any of them I would LOVE to see what you have created with them.  Thanks.

Click here to download the files.  You should click on the link to get the high res files, although It won't be long until I use up my free space up at Media Fire...are there any free sites out there or some at a better price than $9 bucks a month?  Since I am giving away my creations I can't really see what since it makes to have to pay to give stuff away.  I can't upload the original files on my blog b/c they're too big.


Mickey Mouse Recipe Cards

I created these recipe cards and thought I would share them with my Disney friends :)  All I ask is that you please post a comment down below.  I hope you enjoy them!

Here is the link to download the cards.  I have 4 to a sheet and the cards are 4in. x 5in.  In case you have trouble downloading it, here is the image itself.


DIY Rapunzel Wig

I loved Disney's new Rapunzel braid they have for sell, but didn't like the $20.00 price tag.  So I figured I would make one myself :) It was really quiet easy.  

Items needed: One thing of yarn, 2 yellow rubber bands, scissors, purple flowers, purple ribbon, and a hot glue gun. 

Me and two of my girls worked as a team.  I pulled the string out, Allison would cut it, and then when I walked back to grab another piece of string Macey would hand it to me (which prevented me to have to squat down each time, which was nice) 

It ended up being too long, and too thin, so I cut it in half and it was perfect.  Sorry I didn't measure how long the string was.  

I tied off one end and began to braid it.  At times I had a "Tangled" mess (pun intended)
but just go slow.

That's pretty much it.  I tied off the end then fit it around her head and tied it together.  Add some purple flowers and ribbon and there you go. 

O.K. so that's a crappy picture, but I liked how the Toy Story ball is in the background ;) 


Make your own Toy Story ball

Macey only asked for 3 things last Christmas, a Toy Story bowl, Slinky Dog, and the famous Toy Story ball.  Well that was easy enough, right!  WRONG! 
The ONLY Toy Story ball I found was on ebay, and it was going for $40.00.  I wasn't going to spend that.  
I figured surly I could make one.  I did a search on how to go about painting on a rubber ball.

Here are the ingredients

First thing you need to do is, well find a yellow rubber ball.  I thought this was going to be the hardest part, especially seeing how I went shopping for it just a few days before Christmas Day.  Luck was on my side.  I found one at the very first place I stopped.  Academy Sports, or is it called Sports Academy?  I can never remember.  It cost me $5 bucks I think.  

You first must rub the entire ball with rubbing alcohol.  I found that sitting the ball on a cup worked pretty well. Then sprayed it with  a plastic primer. 

The ball I got had a design pattern on it which made it really easy to line the blue stripe around the ball. 

Then I made a star template on the computer and printed it out.  I wished I had saved it so I could post it, but I didn't.  

I outlined it with a red thin sharpie. 

After everything is painted and dried.  I coated it with a flat sealer.  I must have done about 5 or 6 coats with it drying between coats.  It's been several months since I made it.  It has held up pretty well, but even with the sealer the paint has chipped off some.  I plan on touching it up soon :) Oh, and mine has never been out doors.  I don't think it would last long outside.  But all in all it looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself. :) It sure beats paying $40.00 bucks for one.  

Here's the finished product. 

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