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Our Trip in a Nutshell!

Waited til the very last minute to pack, like at 11p.m. the night before.
Left 2 hrs. later than planned.
I drove all the way there, ONLY because it made my hubby smile.
Discovered my son has to potty sooner than anyone else and obviously has a small bladder.

Stopped twice with 4 kids in the car on a 5/6 hour trip.

Stopped at Whataburger for lunch.
Had a crazy/homeless?? man asking my kids if they were going to finish their food...he wanted it!
As crazy as he seemed, my son gave him his fries and I gave him a cookie.

Then we got out of their ASAP.
Went to the beach around sunset and had fun taking pictures.

IMG_3853 re edit

Was bummed that I forgot my tripod back home.
I had intentions of taking lots of family shots on the beach.
The last time I was at the beach I was prego and didn't know it.
But not this time!
Enjoyed a very nice meal at Olive dad's treat!
Realized at 10 p.m. that I didn't pack any pull-ups and forgot the men's deodorant.

Left the kids with my dad and went to Wal-Mart.
Came back home with all kids passed out except for........little Mae Mae of course :)
Went back to the beach early the next day.

Macey wasn't terrified of the ocean at all!
When I want a picture of myself, Allison is who I get to do it for me.

IMG_3869 re edit

Didn't listen to my body, and stayed about an hour too long.
Most of us got sun burned.
Did a little souvenir shopping.

My dad grilled some Elk burgers.
I did not like the taste of Elk.
My hubby did though.
Drove around and got the kids some Snow Balls (sno cones)
Found a Krispy Kreame, and my son thought it was cool that they had a drive thru.
Madison fell and hurt her knee:(
Headed back home a few hours later than planned.

My original idea was to stay until Tuesday.

But, my son wants to try and get perfect attendance at school.
Hubby drove all the way home.

Stopped pretty early on b/c Mae Mae had to poo poo.
Found a gas station, but Mae Mae did NOT poo poo.
Labor Day traffic was horrible!
The ride home was really boring.
Listening to Bon Jovi, and Michael Jackson livened things up a bit.
Loves listening to my hubby sing.  He has a really nice voice.
Had Taco Bell for super.

My hubby told the Taco Bell worker that he was "super duper"
Got home around 8:30.
Just in time for the kids to go to bed :)
Spent $230.27 for the whole trip.
Not sure if that is good or bad considering we had no lodging expenses and most of our food was free.

Glad to be back home.
Thank you Lord for getting us their and back safe and sound.

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