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Are We Home Yet?

After a 10 night, 11 day trip to Walt Disney World, we are finally on our way back home.  As much as I love the "world" I am so ready to be home.  The last few days have been the roughtest.  Last night especially.  We stayed til park closing...BIG mistake!!!  I'm glad we got to see wishes, but OMGosh!  Getting through all the people and standing in line for our bus took soooo long.  Not to mention the fact that we had not had our supper yet.  We got to our resort about 15 min. before the cafeteria closed.  Bathes and all the packing had to wait until morning (check out day) 

Rough it was, but we got it done.  Went back to Magic Kingdom after check out for some last minute shopping.

For what ever reason hubby's ticket was being denied, he managed to get in anyway and no one noticed...not sure that is a good thing or not, LOL. 

Then Madison walked right out of a store today with a stuffed animal in her hand (un paid for)  Yes we went back in a paid for it :) 

and my feet hurt, I forgot to pack my tennis shoes.  All i had was Crocks, Teva's, and sandal's all week.  I'm ready for some socks and tennis shoes. 

Hopefully I'll get to blog about our trip soon.  I'm sorry if this post seems a little spaced out, that's how I feel right now.  And using a laptop in the car isn't easy nor comfortable. 
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