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Rainbow + Clouds = ONE amazing Creator!

Yesterday after hubby and I picked up the kiddos from school we saw the BIGGEST, BRIGHTEST rainbow EVER!!!

It was hands down the best one I've ever seen. We were at a big open location and saw it from end to end without anything in the way.

Can I say it again? 

It WAS gorgeous!

Guess what?!

I did NOT have my camera with me, and I was sad :(

We were literally minutes away from our home. Hubby drove fast and I ran in to get my camera.

When we came back the sun was brighter and brighter and the rainbow was gone. :(

We spotted a little hint of it and hubby went to chasing it, LOL! We drove quiet a while but was never able to get the full affect we saw earlier. Just for the sake of having a picture I took this lousy shot through the car window, while hubby was driving. I know, horrible isn't it?

IMG_5543 copy

Don't you just love all of those power lines?

I was very thankful that ALL my kids did in fact see it and that we all saw it together.

Even little Macey saw it was her first rainbow.

On our way back home I did stop hubby and said I would love to take a picture of that cloud with the sun behind it!

IMG_5550 copy

I would love to take more nature photos. When I see things like rainbows and the like, it reminds of just how big and amazing our Creator must be.


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