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A Mother's Instinct is...

...NOT always right!!!

Well, things not concerning your kids anyway! :)

Where do I even start? Do I start where I've always said the 2's are my FAVORITE age!? I've never called it the "Terrible Twos" I always liked the "Terrific Twos" myself.

Ahem, Macey has begun to shed some light on where the name "Terrible Twos" came from
(I say that while smiling:D)

My first 3 kiddos...Tell 'em once and that was it! They obeyed! At 2 months of age "I" had them sleeping all night long. I thought I had parenting down pat.

I couldn't understand why other mom's couldn't control their fit pitching 2 year old in the grocery store. ROTFLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


God must have looked down at my little naive self and said...I think it's time for Awdrey to have some FUN!! :)

He then gave me Macey. Oh how I love her so!!! BUT, she keeps me on my toes!!!! She is a charmer, but oh my! WATCH OUT!

I had plans to post some blog posts of things I'm behind on, but after my morning, I had to stop and blog about today FIRST! I think mainly to calm me down some:)

I knelt down to talk to Macey and noticed paint all over her legs. I knew that last night's bath had gotten ALL of the paint off.......My heart sank! I immediately knew what paint it was and where she had gotten it. It was sitting on the kitchen table, and I have NO idea how she snuck it out of there, but she did.

I ran to their room and this is what I found.


I almost wished someone could have taken a picture of my face.

My first INSTINCT was to get some hot water and start soaking it down to keep it from drying. I then went to my facebook friends who weren't a lot of help ;) Then I Google "how to get acrylic paint out of carpets" and it tells me to...


Resist the urge to wet it, wash it out, treat it, or do anything else to your acrylic paint stain. Adding liquid or scrubbing will make the paint IMPOSSIBLE to remove. Instead, protect the area from traffic until the paint has dried completely.

I had totally done exactly what told me NOT to do.

It was actually starting to look pretty good though. I decided to get my Steam Vac out which prompted me to clean it first! So I start unscrewing the thing and get it looking all nice.


Now I've heard you shouldn't use these to clean up paint...BUT, I had diluted it a lot and it just didn't look like it would hurt my vac.
You know cause I got good instincts and all I went ahead and used it.

I bet your thinking I ruined it.
NO, I didn't... well o.k. so I won't really know for sure until the next time I use it :O
but it is 13 years old and I really wouldn't mind getting a new one! Shhhhh!

Even tho I hadn't planned on steam cleaning carpets today, their floor looks soooooooooooo nice:D


Now maybe while little bit is napping I can get some more blogging done!!!


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