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A Sweet Surprising Saturday

Gosh today was BUSY!! and my sis in law went out of town and ate at the Cheesecake Factory. I had never been and I LOVE cheesecake so that sounded like a plan to me. We left the kiddos with our hubby's, which are brothers, and they hung out part of the day together with all of the kids (talk about some great dads). When we arrived at the restaurants parking lot, we ran into my sister and her hubby. ODD!! Very odd! We were an hour away from home, in a big city, and at the same time decided to eat at the same place.


I didn't post your pic sis, cause it was blurry...I must have still been shaky from your hubby scaring the crap out of us.
btw, I think me and sis in law found out that we are not much for self defense.

We had a wonderful time and shared lots of laughs. Oh, and I think I know where I would like to eat for my birthday!!!! :)

Little did we know all that was taking place back home. Uncle Todd had taken my 2 older girls and his daughter fishing and then went to Paw Paw's for a swim. My son and his cousin were taking care of Macey while my hubby worked on a project outside.

Those boys are so good with little Mae Mae.

Did I mention that my son even dressed her...

IMG_2900 copy

...In our 8 yr. olds shorts.

Can you take a wild guess at what she's looking at?


My hubby was making the kids a homemade swing while I was out of town, the older girls were fishing/swimming, and the son watching the baby. Let me just say...


IMG_2925 copy

And so do the KIDS!!!

IMG_2929 copy

IMG_2926 copy

2 at a time is kind of hard.

IMG_2941 copy

Who knew that tiny, little, dirty, feet could be so sweet.


Yes, leaving her home all day with dad and big bro. meant, un-matched clothes that weren't even hers, a dirty face, and no shoes, BUT she's just as cute dirty too!

IMG_2911 copy

Thank you my sweet hubby!! Your a wonderful hubby and dad. We love you very much!



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Suki –   – (August 17, 2009 at 1:56 PM)  

I really love your pictures. I really do. Your children are adorable and you must have the most wonderful husband on earth!

Guest –   – (August 18, 2009 at 10:38 AM)  

Thank you so much. I love taking pictures and learning new things. And yes, I do consider myself a very lucky woman to have him as my husband.

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