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Not Me Monday

It's time to be honest and don't hold back. If you would like to join in click on the icon above and start your own Not Me Monday posts.

I have NOT spent hours and hours working on photos this weekend because I did NOT learn another addictive way to edit photos.

I did NOT fall asleep on the couch this week and assume that the hubby would be aware at how much our 2 yr. old daughter gets into stuff. I was NOT awoken (is that a word?) by the loud cries of her being removed from our bathroom which she had re-decorated with powder and contents in my makeup bag. There are NOT still little powdery handprints on the cabinet in the bathroom.

I did NOT go to the store and knock over a 6 pack of Gatorade with my buggy and it did NOT bust and spill drink all over the place.
The worker there that I politely told and apologized to did NOT huff and puff in front of me (a customer) when I told what had happened. I then did NOT in NO way laugh in my van that the manager had her to clean it up.

I most certainly did NOT get frustrated at the park with people sitting one to a seat on the train making our large family have to wait for the next train. I for sure did NOT make my voice and opinion be known at how tacky I thought those 5 people where being in front of everybody. Nope NOT me, cause I am always quiet and shy. And of course that did NOT have anything to do with aunt Flo visiting this week.

There you go, that is what I have NOT being doing this about you?


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