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Oh my...I never knew

I went back to our pictures from 2006. That's how long it's been since we were at the beach, ugh!! We didn't even have Mae Mae yet. In fact I was prego with her on that trip and didn't know it. Anyway, our youngest, at that time, celebrated her 5th birthday while we were there. That's almost 3 years to the date. She'll be 8 on July 19. I can't believe how little she looks and at that time I was sad b/c I thought my baby was growing up...little did I know.

Florida 104

One thing that I NEVER in a million years considered was how much she looks like her big brother Alex. Take a look at him when he was 5. OMG! I always thought she was a spitting image of me in my younger days. Does this mean he is too? It's weird how sometimes you don't notice those things until years later. I know the quality is bad but he has the smile I was looking for in this photo.


Oh how I miss those years:(

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