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She is a stinker

Yesterday I was cleaning my room, walked in the kitchen and found Macey doing this...


She had pushed a chair up to the bar, climbed on top, and helped her self to one of her siblings left over McDonalds cheese burger. :)

Here she is looking all sweet and innocent and ready for bed.


I walk out of the room and come back to find her in the girls jewelry box.


Funny thing tho, when I walked in, I knew she knew she wasn't suppose to be in it, but she didn't stop just b/c she got caught.

I think she's going to be another girly girl. ;)


MoonNStarMommy  – (May 6, 2009 at 6:12 AM)  

Heehee... that is adorable!! I found you on the Mommy Blogger Directory - followed your link here. I'm going to start following you - I love your photos - your daughter is adorable! That's funny about the cheeseburger, sounds like something my boys would do!

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