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My Mother's Day

Here is the end of a VERY loooong day! I enjoyed the morning and afternoon with my hubby and kids. For what ever reason, when Macey woke up this morning her hair was all poofy. How can you look at her and not smile, even with messed up hair.


My dear sweet husband, made breakfast for me today. It was lunch time by the time he finished cooking, but that's quiet alright, it was still good. ;) He told me I could go jump in the bed and he would serve it to me in bed, lol. He made pancakes (which has become an almost regular thing around here) turkey sausage, eggs, and gravy with toast.

He actually reminded me to take a picture of it. I must have been really hungry. The photo doesn't do the food justice, it was delicious!


Remember how I said we were redoing my mother in laws bedroom? Well today was our last free full day. Hubby has to work shift hours this week (11 am - 8 pm YUK) however, he informed me tonight that he will be going in early most days this week so it's more like 8 - 8 or later. BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had planned on making the most of it today, but for different reason's I didn't get over there until after 3 p.m. Hubby didn't get there until after 6 p.m. We were there late. We almost have all the walls painted. There is still boarder and base boards to be put up. Still some cleaning to do and then the fun part, the decorating!!

One last picture that has absolutely nothing to do with anything, other than the fact I thought this was incredible awesome for a 2 year old. Macey got one of her diapers and put it on this doll. That is some coordination.


Oh, and would look at who's on the diaper...yes, it's Mickey Mouse, and we will be seeing him in person in 8 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a week from today we will be pulling out of our drive way. I can't wait. Sometime soon I'll have to start packing. I need to be doing it NOW!!


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