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First Friday

O.K. so I'm behind on my blogging, what's new? Last Friday was First Friday down town. The first Friday of each month they have vendors set up and what not. This month is was Art. It was the first time I had gone. Hubby was still at work and I went with all the kids to get there faces painted. It had stormed all day, but cleared up and looked safe to go. Maybe I should have checked the weather, but if you know me, then you know I don't do that. Well when I got there, I got very frustrated at the people out driving. Do they have no brains??? Were the kind of questions I found myself saying out loud in front of my kids. I'll spare most of the details, but I wound up "trapped" in a parking lot all b/c of one huge dummy, with a big truck and an even bigger boat. Finally he got the idea that he was trapping me and about 4 other vehicles. Oh, now I am so bummed I didn't take a picture of him. Oh, well I did manage to get a few of the kids tho.

IMG_9625 copy

I like this photo just from the simple joy on the faces of these two gentlemen passing by and getting a glimpse of a young child getting their face painted. Call me crazy, but it just makes me smile to look at it.


Even Mae Mae got here full face painted. She did so good and sat so still.


Then right beside the face painting I saw two good old friends. Found out they are in the business for themselves making soap. Its all natural ingredients. She has a wonderful website up I have added her button to my blog sidebar too, over to the left. I can't wait to try out some of there stuff. I have been looking for some natural soaps and then I find them, weird huh? I will have to wait until our Disney trip but am anxious to place an order. So go check her site out.

O.K. back to my story. I met my dad and step mom who were visiting from Florida. We were just about to grab a bite to eat when I noticed some very dark clouds coming in close. We decided I had better head for the van since I was 2 blocks away from it. The winds started picking up fast. I had to "run" yeah right with 4 kids and one of them being in a stroller. I got the kids inside of the van right before the bottom fell out. Which it fell out on me trying to get that big massive stroller in the trunk.

Can you believe I actually stopped and took this picture just so I could blog about it.



Beverly  – (May 7, 2009 at 10:07 AM)  

face painting was great! They have a First Friday in our town but I have never been.

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