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Is Two Too Much?

Macey has proved to be a climber. She'll climb up just about anything. She doesn't seem to have much, if any, fear in her at all. Two's have always been my favorite age, and I've never liked to use the term terrible twos. Although I have a better understanding of how that name came about. ;) It seems like since she has turned two, she is into EVERYTHING! One of the problems we have had was her climbing up on the girls bunk beds. Removing the ladder only worked for a little while. I did record her climbing up to the top, but this was a big concern for me.

We started keeping that door closed at all times unless someone was in there, but I hated to keep her out of her room. This past weekend she figured out how to open doors :O Yep, she opened both the front door and back door. So I knew we were going to have to separate the beds. The only way to do this was to remove her crib all together. Oh, I am so not ready for that! So far she has had two naps in the big beds and slept one night in it.


She has done really well. Last night I did the whole Super Nanny method. I told her it was time to go night night and laid her down. She KNOWS what night night means! After that any time she got up I didn't speak a word and just picked her up and placed her back in the bed. As super nanny says, pick your battles...I didn't make her lie down and be totally quiet. As long as she was on the bed, sitting, laying, whatever that was o.k. I just wasn't going to allow her to get off. After about 15 minutes she completely quit getting up , and after about 30 minutes she was asleep. It was nothing like the kids you see on the show, lol. But she has always gone to bed really good, it's just the transition to the bigger beds that she doesn't like.


For now we still have the rails on the "top" bed b/c it's really nice to have them on there for Macey. Although she thinks she has to straddle it like a horse.


Amanda  – (April 21, 2009 at 9:38 PM)  

We are getting ready for our 2 year old to transition into a bed. I know she will not stay in there either! Pics are great!

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