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Upward Awards Celebration

Last night was the end celebration of the basketball and cheerleading for upwards. Let me just say they went all out. They had bike give aways and other prizes. The kids had a blast. I am sad to see it end. Getting to practices was hard at times. Doing it all by myself with no help when some kids were sick, or when I was sick, or when little bit needed a nap during practice time. Having to load all 4 up to and fro for 2 1/2 hours every Monday, b/c Macey was just too hard to keep up with during the practices I had to drop one off, go pick one up, go drop another off, and then go pick another one up.

Crazy, yes, worth it, most definitely. With my kids being homeschooled, this is one of the things we/they miss out on. I am so thankful that they had this opportunity to interact with other kids and just have fun. They are already talking about next year. So thank you upwards and thank you to my friend that got us in, in the first place.

Now, would you like to see some great, wonderful, breath taking photos of the whole event? Yeah, me too. Sorry, I don't have those, I do however have some dark, blurry, very noisy photos to share. The lighting was dim, the ceilings were like 30 feet high so my flash wasn't going to help much. As the night went on I did get a little better at what settings I should be at, but still there pretty crappy. Oh, well.

Here is Madison on the left. She asked me if she should bring her pom poms, and I said nah, why would you need them? Dummy me...Almost all of the girls had theirs. They were on stage and cheering and yelling and shaking those pom pom's. Thankfully my daughter wasn't the ONLY one who didn't have them, or she would have probably been upset at me.
At least next year I know what to expect out of this


Allison is the fourth from the left. Standing to her right is her BFF. They have known each other from birth. Oh, and they are 10 days apart. Her mom and I have known each other, well uh, for a very long time. Probably since I was like 8? I'm 32 so that is 25 years. Wow, I'm not that old am I???


Then all of the sudden confetti was dropped from the ceiling. FUN!!!


They had a performance by Truth Force, kind of like the Power Team.
How come his picture is better than the ones of my kids??? Go figure.


Like I said, they went all out and it was totally fun. They gave each child an Upaward backpack. So no kid came home empty handed. You can see more pics on my flickr acount.


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