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Stop and pay attention

We all know how fast our kids grow...too fast. We always say I wished I could just keep them the way they are now, at least I do. Do we really stop what we're doing and really pay attention? I know at times I'm guilty of telling them to hold on, let me finish. etc. I need a little more practice, and actually stop and hear what they are saying, as little or unimportant it may seem. It's important to them, and if they are so eagerly wanting to tell me, I need to eagerly listen to them. I need to stop and spend more time with each child and have some special one on one bonding with them.
Of course there are a few exceptions...Like when your son will not quit talking while your trying to school them. This is what happens when you talk in my "class room."

Don't let his face fool you. They all laughed about it including Alex, and it was actually a good "laugh break" from work.

Here is my latest Etsy treasure. I got Macey some leg warmers. They are so neat. They keep her legs warm, but don't get in the way of diaper changes. Neat uh!

Not to mention they are just down right CUTE!

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