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A day out with the kids

Well I thought today would be a good day to get the kids out and take some pictures:) We gathered up some old bread and headed off to the mall to feed some ducks. I took like 4 practice shots trying to get my settings right. Low and behold my camera battery DIED! Ahhh, what was I thinking? I didn't even check my battery before we headed out the door. I think I was just too excited to get out of the house. You live and learn I guess. Next thing on my photography shopping list is an extra battery. It was very hot and I probably wouldn't have gotten that many shots anyway. Macey didn't seem to like the ducks too much. They were brave little rascals. One duck yanked the bread right out of my fingers. Since it was so hot we went inside the mall and enjoyed some dippin' dots. Again I was disappointed that I had no camera. Oh well, we'll just have to plan another outing soon.

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