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Pumpkin Picking...

Yes, I'm pretty late on posting these pics. In fact I'm late on posting a lot of pics here lately. And why am I posting these at 1:00 in the morning when I have to get up bright and early for a yard sale in the morning???

IMG_5312 copy 2

I hope that my kids look back on the simple memories we've made and are making and that it makes them so happy that they will tell their kids about them one day.

IMG_5345 copy

Macey had a cute "little" pumpkin that still got too heavy for her to tote. That or either she just used that as an excuse to not have to carry hers...which wouldn't surprise me ;) 

(and yes my hubby wears his wedding ring, it's just on his right hand b/c he has lost so much weight it doesn't fit his left hand any more.  I am thankful that it means enough to him to at least still wear it some where :) 
Not that any of you probably would have even noticed! 


Often times I have thought about how neat it would be to live out in the country.

IMG_5302 copy

I love how the guy who was cutting our pumpkins off the vines (is that what you call it) gave us long stems on the pumpkins. It gave them some character.


We met up with some friends. Pumpkin picking is more fun with a buddy.


This photo makes me think about how dirty our car would be all of the time if we lived out in the country.


Thanks for stopping by...that is if I still have any blog readers left :)

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