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Sea Shells and Sand...

...Up close and personal.

I thought it would be neat to bring home a little bit of the beach with us from our trip to Florida during Labor Day weekend.

IMG_4318 copy

But then I couldn't help but to play with it, just like I would if I was at the beach :)
IMG_4303 copy

Sea shells are beautiful!
Did you know, that most sea shells housed some kind of animal, and when they die, they wash up to shore. However, when you buy them at the store, they most likely have been caught alive and killed/cleaned out to sale. :(

Probably just like this little guy here. We had a really hard time finding shells on this trip, and we did buy a few at the store. I read up on shells AFTER we got back.
IMG_4321 copy

Sand can be very mesmerizing.
Seriously, I found myself playing with it more than photographing it. But photographing it can also be mesmerizing :)
IMG_4307 copy

IMG_4325 copy

This makes me wish I were back at the beach with my family.

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