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Toy Story 3

Today we went to our mall to see Toy Story 3 in 3-D.   They had activities planned for the kids and a costume contest as well.  It wasn't until after midnight last night I decided I wanted Macey to wear a costume.  I actually thought it would be pretty easy since my 11 year old was Jesse for Halloween NINE years ago.  I had everything I needed except for decorating the shirt.  I thought to myself oh, this want take long.  And really it didn't except I did this while I should have been sleeping. I think it came out all right.  Thank heavens for hot glue guns :)   I was very happy that I didn't purchase a thing for this costume!  Except for the hat, but I bought earlier that day before I ever had a costume in my mind, and it was only $5. 

It amazes me how creative use start to be come at 2 am with less than 6 hrs. to create this all while missing sleep:)  I used the kids play money (coins) for the "buttons" and cut/glued paper circles out on top.  Some yellow felt, red ric rac, and hot glue I had a shirt.  The hat was pretty easy, I just thread yarn through the hat.  I had NO white ribbon so I used elastic for the white band. 

When I saw the adorable little Etch a Sketch and Mr. Potato Head I knew who had first and second place for the costume contest.  I thought Macey had a chance for 3rd but wasn't sure.  To my excitement she took 3rd place and received 2 free movie passes to see the movie :)  YEAH!! for her. 

She had fun playing the games.  

3 must have been the lucky number today :)  We saw Toy Story 3, Macey is 3, Macey won 3rd place, and in the theaters they gave out prizes if you could answer Toy Story trivia.  The question was how many eyes to the aliens have?  They picked Macey and she held up 3 fingers and won a 3 eyed alien.  

Today was a blast!  All worth a sleepless night! 

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