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Interesting key words

It appears that I have several subscribers from all over.  Some of you got here on purpose and some of you by mistake, I'm sure.

Here are some of the key words you've used in a search and stumbled upon  my blog. 

I thought it would be fun to share them. 

Minnie Mouse party pictures (lots of you are in search of Minnie Mouse party ideas)

Silhouette Drawings some have spelled it "siluet"

Sweet wife party pictures 

I need pictures of other ppls minnie mouse birthday parties please!   That one is funny to me.  

Pizzafarie rooms heart chair

Mickey and Minnie mouse pictures walking in the rain

He needs an eye exam and he needs glasses

4 wheeler wrecks 

friends hugging goodbye

Well however you got to my blog, some of you have chosen to become subscribers.  I have no idea who, it doesn't tell me that.  However, I would love for some of you to comment and tell me where your from.  I almost always comment back on your blog if  you have one ;) 

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