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Christmas ornament project...Disney!

When I saw these ornaments, I knew what I wanted for my tree this year. Except when I figured up how much that would cost me to get everything I wanted, I had to rethink the whole idea.

It didn't take me long to decide...hey, I can me some. :)

I wasn't exactly sure how, but I went to the store with some ideas in my head and they worked out pretty good. I wanted to share this with all you Disney fans like me:)

I bought some of those foam sheets, you know, they are in the craft section right beside the felt sheets. Printed out a Mickey silhouette and then traced the ears out on the foam. Cut them out and then hot glued it to the ornament.

mickey collage 2
Add a bow and Mickey become Minnie! :)

Sitting there, I said to myself hmmm, I wonder if I could add some buttons to the red ornaments and make them look like his pants. Except something didn't look right. That's when my hubby suggested, YES that's right I said my hubby, I LOVE it when he gets involved. He said why don't you paint the top part black. BINGO! That worked. He even found the perfect cup size for me to trace the circle on. These are the cups you place in your bathroom. Matte finish ornaments works best and looks better. The shinny ones didn't take the coloring as well.

mickey collage 1

Now I have a whole army of Mickey/Minnie ornaments.

IMG_5327 copy

They look even better on a tree:)

IMG_5573 copy

IMG_5939 copy


I'll have another post coming up soon on how to make your own custom bow!


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