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♥ Chances are...

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...if I'm in a photo - I'm making some sort of funny face and not on purpose.

...if it's midnight - I'm still up and either blogging or working on photos.

...if Macey is quiet - she is doing something she is not suppose to do.

...if you hear water running - Macey has snuck in the bathroom and is brushing her teeth (not necessarily with her toothbrush.

...if we're eating out - my dad is here visiting.

...if one of my kids are not spending the night with a friend - that friend is spending the night here.

...if there is extra work needed at my hubby's job - he's there doing it.

...if an employee at hubby's job needs a Sat. off - he will fill in for them.

...if there is a happy, funny, sad, weird, or exciting moment happening at our house - I'm taking a picture of it.

...if my kids are having a birthday - I'm baking their cakes.

...if one of my kids is sick and throwing up - We're sleeping in the living room together.

...if my hubby is not home - he is working hard.

...if I'm not home - I'm at the grocery store.

...if my make up is in reach - Macey's playing with it.

...if you liked this blog post - you should do it too.

This was fun and I hope to do this again. Follow alone and link up here.


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