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Visit with the Grandparents

This weekend my dad and step mom came up for a visit. Last night we went out to eat at my favorite restaurant, Red Lobster. I haven't been there since they've done some remodeling. I don't like that they have gotten rid of all their big tables. There were 10 of us plus two babies. We had to split up into booths. YUK!! Why would they change that? Anyway, I also learned that they no longer include apple sauce with the kid's dinner's. Why would they cut that out? I always liked how the kids got something to eat too when we got our salads. Anyway, all the food was still excellent as ever, but I don't really care for the updates they have done (just didn't seem to improve anything to me.)

On Sat. afternoon they wanted to treat the kids for an exciting outing at the mini fair that rolled into town, accompanied by the annual Alabama Chocolate Festival. (Can you get any more hick than that?) Why it was called that I have no idea. There wasn't any chocolate anywhere? We all enjoyed ourselves even though the kids didn't seem to want to ride anything. Hmm, what are they gonna do at Disney World? The girls were pleased with spending Papa's money at the game stands. They all got to "go fishing" and win a prize.



It always takes the girls a while to warm up before they get on anything, even the smallest of rides. But once they do, they have a blast. While Alex and Memaw stood in line to ride a bigger ride, we had to beg Madison to get on this ride with Macey. As it turned out they both loved it.


Yes, I matched my girls and I thought they were so cute. Macey saw some little girls raise their arms up (like you would on a roller coater) She tried that once and I think it was a little scary for her, lol. It was too cute though and I hate that I wasn't fast enough to get it on film (ha ha, I didn't just say that did I? I mean catch it on my memory card.)


You gotta love this...


What is a fair, small or not, without some Cotton Candy?


Not sure what the purpose of the dog costume was unless it was the humane society or something like that. I was so excited that Macey actually seemed to enjoy this short visit with this over-sized stuffed dog. Just as I was thinking, oh maybe she'll love the Disney characters even more, she started to cry and panic a little. The dog was very kind and respectful of her sudden fear and just waved by and walked away.


The absolute best and worst part of the day, the face painting. Madison wanted her face painted, and to be honest, I wanted her to get it done. The artists there were so nice and friendly and very talented, however, I think every kid there wanted their face painted. No, actually there were probably only about 6 kids in front of us when we first got in line, but it takes maybe 7-10 minutes to do each kid. Well 10 x's 6 = 60 minutes. That's a long time to wait in line with 4 kids. Oh well, we did it, and Madison loved it and I think I was even more excited to take pictures of it.

IMG_9143 crop

They actually do birthday parties with story telling, balloon twists and face painting. Oh, my, if I can swing it this summer, I really want to have them come and do Madison's party in July. Here is their website if anyone is interested.


Thank you Papa and Memaw for a wonderful time and your patients with the kids. Have a save trip back home.


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