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Halloween Project

Materials Needed:

* Small black bag with handles (one per child)
* White paint (washable)
* Paint Brush
* Medium size wiggle eyes
* Glue stick
* Paper plate

Place paint on the paper plate. Paint a fair amount onto child's palm and fingers evenly distributing paint-not too heavy or gloppy.

Place the child's hand on the upside-down black bag making a Hand print. Bag handles should be facing down, and childs fingers pointing to the bottom of the bag. This will leave a nice handprint - the body of our "Ghost."

Glue wiggle eyes onto the "palm" area of the handprint with gluestick. This is the head of the Ghost.

When dry, you've got a personalized "ghostly" treat bag for Toddler and a great keepsake for Mom. You could also do the same steps with their foot instead, actually I think the foot makes for a better ghost. Get some fabric paint and you can make them a shirt they could wear too:)

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