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Life with a toddler

Although most people fear the 2's, better known as the terrible two's, I have always said that the 2's were my favorite. I call them the terrific two's. However, I am finally understanding how that name came to be I think. Macey is not even 2 yet!! She likes to get onto the coffee table, but it's just a little to high for her to hike her leg up and get on. She quickly came up with a solution. She will go to an end table that is close to the coffee table, and pull the drawer out. She then will clime up on the couch, over the arm, onto the end table, then into the pulled out drawer and then finally reaching her goal onto the coffee table. It is a site to see! We also have had to remove the ladder to the bunk beds b/c she can now climb all the way to the top and get on the bed, she's actually succeeded twice ( don't worry we caught her in time to watch her up most of the way) She loves to fling her food while sitting at the kitchen table trying to ring our dog's mouth. I'm afraid she is going to grow up thinking her name is Macey No No. A day in the life with Macey is never boring.

She can also be the sweetest thing in this world.

She loves to give out kisses.
Everyday when Warren leaves she will go to him and pucker up for a kiss about 5 times b/f he actually gets to close the door. She'll kiss just about any and everything. When I'm taking pictures she loves to kiss the LCD screen on the back of my camera. She also loves to kiss the baby's picture on her yogurt cups. She definitely completes our family. She is a charmer and an absolute joy to be with.

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