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Hello, I'm Awdrey and welcome to my blog. I am the SWEETHEART to a wonderful hubby, and I have 4 of the most SWEETEST kids ever. My goal for this blog is to show people what everyday life is really like. Life is not always SWEET, and I'm here to prove it. For instance...what about the time Macey decided to take off her "used" diaper during nap time and then proceed to fall asleep. Or when one daughter thought it was time for a hair cut and blamed it on an innocent girl at school. However, what about those times that it is SWEET. Like when you come home from the grocery store and your 2 yr. old says yeah! mama's home!! Or how about when your son takes a shower without being told. I love it when I wake up to pancakes being made by my SWEET hubby. I try to make my blog fun to read and with lots of photos.


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